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Wednesday's Weekly Comments

Great post over at Exceptional Paradise about challenging our students to be the most they can be.  Had to write a comment agreeing with that one :).  See the post here: Dayenu-A Yom Kippur Thought

Monday's Motivation: Are you going to finish strong?

This is another one that I return to over and over again.  You will notice that I've been a bit absent from the "blogging world" for the past few days.  I have had yet another lesson in humility as I have come to realize that as a parent I am so far from having all the answers that its crazy!  We are now slowly treading a new path and I'm hoping we get things back on track.  With that I also need to do a bit more focusing and planning in my classroom (and therefore blogging).  So I'm back.  And here is my reminder to keep going ang keep going strong!

Wednesday's Weekly Comments

Exceptional Students in the Classroom:  Responded to a post about classroom organization saying that I'm planning to do a similar post.  Organization is always a struggle for me.  Check out the post here:  Organization

Monday's Motivation: In My Language

I was originally going to put up the 20/20 clip of Carly but then went back to the a video that I saw some time ago.  The message that we understsand in "our language" comes part way in to the video.  I was touched beyond the mere definition of communication when watching this.  I was touched by how she talked of "personhood" and gave a voice that the general population can understand to what many with disabilities probably feel.  She also challenged me to think about how narrowly I define my world.

But this is just the beginning!  This lady, named Amanda Baggs, has taken on the roll of self-advocate and has a blog where she has posted and continues to post a lot of thought provoking material.  Here is the link to her blog: Ballastexistenz

Snapshot Saturday: Morning Meeting With Pictures of Displays and Materials

I know that I have already posted about our morning meetings but I have been making modifications/additions/deletions...etc. as we go along and thought I would come back and retouch on it as well as include some pictures of how its set up as well as the visuals and materials that we are using.
I originally started trying to put everything on one bulletin board but saw very quickly that the board would be way too cluttered for many of our students to process what was going on.  In the end I decided to use the bulletin board for our Morning Meeting Schedule (a vertical schedule that we work through and put each item in a finished folder when done),  our Daily Schedule (second vertical schedule) and for our prayer and prayer intentions (the first part of our morning meeting).  I've been working on moving everything else to display boards that we pull out as we do each step.  I've labeled these display boards on the outside with the same symbol as is in the timeline…

Wednesday's Weekly Comments

Kate posted some pictures from her classroom for her Wordless Wednesday post on Teaching Learners With Multiple Special Needs.  Some really great pictures there that springboarded some ideas for me.  One thing I wanted to check out was if I could get a tray holder similar to hers for our classroom :).  It would be so nice to have a real home for the trays ;).

I was happy to read that an item that I was looking to purchase was on a list of most used items posted on the blog Exceptional Students in the Classroom.  To check out her other must haves go to her post titled "Most Popular Materials".

Monday's Motivation: Team Hoyt

This is one of my favorite "disability" stories.  I saw one interview once were Dick (the father) explained their partnership as Rick being the heart and himself being the body and that they needed both parts to do this.  Amazing doesn't even describe these two.

news-2-you: The Wizzard of Oz

I will be using these ideas from September 21 through to Ocotober 9 and will post a new topic towards the end of that time frame.  Note that I'm posting this today (September 12) but will be adding a few things throughout this next week or so as I do not start this topic until September 21.  I will move this post back to the top when I do add things.
I got the idea to share the plans I'm making related to news-2-you from the blog entitled Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs.  I enjoyed the outline format that was used and thought I would do something similar as I found resources and made plans.  Given the way I function, I have decided that I will generally be using the papers every 2nd week and generally one week later than what they were intended for.  This will give me the time I need to make sure materials are adapted for my students and also give my students the time they need to really explore any new topic.  If I make any materials with Boardmaker,…

Thursday Think: Meaningful Money Skills and Activities

This is only my 4th year of teaching this population of students.  Before this, I spent 14 years teaching High School Mathematics.  As such, I'm learning a lot as I go along.  One of the things that I've tried to focus on is to keep tweaking life skill tasks to ensure that they are functional for my students.  A couple of the more functional math areas that I've been thinking a lot about are ensuring that skills taught related to money and time are functional ones.  For today, I'm going to share some of the things that we are already doing with money skills as well as some of the ideas I would like to try in the future and some of my thoughts related to all of this.  It is always my hope when doing my "Thursdsay Think" to better clarify things for myself and to perhaps stimulate some sharing of ideas that will be beneficial to both myself and others. 

Here are some of the things we are doing or will be doing related to money management skil…

Wednesday's Weekly Comments

This week on the blog "The Special Educator's Friend", I responded to a post expressing on opinion on what level of training someone is special educatoin should have.  Given that I have no formal training in special education, I thought I might speak out on this on.  Check it out here: Georgia's Special Education Teacher Preparedness

I stumbled upon a new blogger this week as well.  I had to make a post to welcome her and let her know how excited I was to have another person to share ideas with in her opening post titled "Week One" on her brand new blog "Exceptional Students in the Classroom".

Kisses are for Home":  Kate from Teaching Learners With Multiple Special Needs posted a great Boardmaker File to help students come up with alternate ways to express affection due to H1N1 and age appropriateness issues.  Love it!

The math teacher in me is so excited to find this blog:  Math Beyond Numberdome.  Love the challenge that this teac…

Monday's Motivation: A Creedo for Support

Several years back I had the honor to listen to Norm Kunc speak about disability at the Canadian National Down Syndrome Society conference.  The man was amazing!  He ended his talk with the following very powerful video...

Found Another Multiple Complex Needs Blogger

Check it out...
I followed a "came from" link on my stat counter and found this new blog.  I'm always excited when I see someone else.  I love reading what other people are doing in their classroom as I feel like sometimes we live in a pretty lonely world in regards to teacher collaboration.

Thursday Think: Brainstorming Scavenger Hunt Ideas

We get out for walks around our community quite a bit when the weather is nice.  I've been wanting to add something more to this so that we are linking these walks back to something we are doing in class or something the students can learn about/be exposed to.  I've done a few scavenger hunts over the years and the kids really like them.  I've also done scavenger hunts when we do Buddy Time with the grade 5 class in our school and it makes for excellent interaction between the students in our class and their buddies.  I thought for today's "Thursday Think" I would brainstorm a bunch of different ideas that I can draw on for scavenger hunts.  If you have ideas to add, please post a reply or create your own blog post and let me know so that I can come over and take a look.
Note I will be trying to do "Thursday Thinks" regularly.  These will just be posts where I brainstorm ideas related to something I do in our classroom.  Some of what …

Wednesday's Weekly Comments

Education on a Plate: What an amazing blog to get you thinking about what are best practicees when it comes to teaching!  This week I commented on a great post entitled "Why I Didn't Do Homework".
Teaching Learners With Multiple Special Needs:  The best resource out there for anyone teaching this population!  This week, Kate posted the items that she puts up on her staff bulletin board along with links to them so readers can print them off.  Great stuff and I had to post to tell her.  Check it out here:  "The Staff Bulletin Board".