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Raymond's Room: Ending the Segregation of People with Disablities by Dale Dileo

There are so many people in this world who are passionate about ending segregation of people based on disabilities.  It is always wonderful to read stories of people who dedicate their lives to this very worthy cause.

The book starts with a story of the author working in an institution and the horrid conditions that one of the people there lived under.  It describes Raymond's room and how he was viewed as being so dangerous that he needed to be locked away in a room living in conditions that we cannot imagine.  Dale Dileo moved from this experience to dedicating his life to changing "institutional thinking".  He has seen much progress but the book challenges readers to recognize that although much progress has been made, there is still a lot of "institutional thinking" in the world.

A few parts of the book that really resonated with me include:

Group Mindset: I like the approach to thinking not only about institutionalization but also institutional thinking.  …

Great Website: Project Participate

Wanted to share this great website that I found the other day.  The focus on finding ways to increase participation mirrors what we are currently focusing on with our students.  We look at three areas of participation: academic, social and routine and continually try to increase.  We are no where near reaching the goal of equivalent participation for our students as that of other students but we are moving in the right direction.  This website has a lot of great ideas that we are going to implement and/or modify to use with individual students. Very user friendly and easy to understand.  Always great to find a good resource.
Here is the link:

What Should We Focus On?

As we move forward in thinking about how to expand inclusive experiences I find myself jumping back and forth between thinking about the concrete (supports, strategies, modifications, adaptations, assistive technologies, role of learning assistant, peer supports...etc.) and the abstract (the philosophy behind inclusion).  I recognize that different teachers could implement the same list of strategies in different ways and that this would impact how effectively my students would be included.  The underlying difference would be the mindset related to what the education of students with special needs should look like.  It goes back to mindset.  To

I recently read an the article "Professional Development  Needs and Practice Among Educators and School Psychologists" by Timothy J. Cleary and was fascinated by a few of the quotes in the article.  Part of it is because as our province starts to make this shift there seem to questions around coding, assessments and interventions.  Th…

Great Website: Kit Tisdale - Disability, Inclusion and Community