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The Crazy Ones


2012-13: A Brand New Year

We are in the middle of transitioning the way that we serve the students that I have had on my caseload for several years now.  The last couple of years I have kind of lived between two worlds while we have done some testing of the waters.  This year I feeling like what I'm doing is a bit more focused.  There will still be lots of change and growth but the difference now is that I can focus on facilitating inclusion by offering both direct and indirect supports rather than coordinating a self-contained program.  My students have been dispersed to their age-appropriate schools and this means that I will be traveling between schools to oversee their programs.  It is not "perfect" inclusion but rather an exploration of how we can increase routine, social and academic participation in general education classes and settings for these students.  We are looking to find and grow the things that work.  As we begin to understand what works we will be able to apply it across other …