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Worth Thinking About: Charity or Solidarity

Reminded me of Emma Van der Klift & Norman Kunc's "Hell Bent on Helping: Benevolence, Friendship, and the Politics of Help"

I post new "Worth Thinking About" questions on Sundays. 
In reality, some might be more "and" statements rather than "or" statements. It is about finding the right balance so that we are aware enough to be effective in supporting student learning.

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New Year's Resolutions, IEPs, Learning Portfolios and Supporting Self-Determination

Spending the day making New Year's resolutions for other people, because I know what they need to work on.
— Just Bill (@WilliamAder) December 27, 2013 I came across the above Tweet the other day and at first I thought it was really funny.  I even responded with the same humor as the original Tweet... @WilliamAder@TechmoRachel LOL. All these years I have been doing it wrong ;)
— Monica Braat (@mom2mikey) December 29, 2013 But then I started thinking about IEPs and suddenly the concept wasn't quite so funny. I admit that in writing IPPs (what we call IEPs in Alberta), I have taken on the task of making plans for what others need to work on with little more to go on then a two-page blanket form filled out by parents if they so chose to fill it out (and many of them chose not to).

The changes we began making a few years back in how we serve and program for students with complex needs in our division is about so much more than just their physical placement in general education cl…