Sunday, March 5, 2017

Inclusive Education: From Political Correctness Towards Social Justice

A great video that explores the benefits and common questions about inclusive education.

"Children with disabilities are among the most marginalized and excluded groups of children; routinely, they are denied their right to quality education (WHO and World Bank, 2011). Policies vary considerably worldwide, with some countries prioritizing education for these children in different settings: special schools and centres; special classes in integrated schools; or inclusive schools which work to identify and remove barriers, and to enable every learner to participate and achieve in mainstream settings. Establishing inclusive schools is widely regarded as desirable for equality and human rights, and it has educational, social and economic benefits (UNESCO, 2001)."

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Great Quote - Erna Alant

I have just started reading the book Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Engagement and Participation by Erna Alant. The book looks at supporting both AAC users and communication partners in developing both engagement and participation in dialogue. Participation refers to the frequency and nature of participation and includes many of the things that we commonly target when planning AAC interventions. Engagement is about the level of enjoyment experienced in interactions, the types of topics discussed, and the level of emotional resonance between the partners. Interventions using this framework include enhancing awareness and understanding in the AAC user of his own/her own interests, actions and feelings as well as enhancing the user's understanding of an interest in his/her communication partners. I'm looking forward to digging further in to this book!