Exploring and reflecting on meaningful pathways to inclusive and personalized learning and living for students with complex developmental needs because education should prepare all students for a lifetime of inclusion, connection, growth and learning.

Literacy Toolkit

Planning Tools 

Early Reading Screening Instrument (ERSI) 

Whole to Part Reading Assessment 

Information and Strategies

Note the first link in each of the following sections is the link to the resource binder page. The links that follow the bold link are links to websites for learning more about the topic. 

Emergent and Conventional Literacy Decisions 

Encouraging Engagement in Literacy-based Activities 

Don Johnson Beginning Reading Framework

Shared Reading
Dynamic Learning Maps Module on Shared Reading
Jane Farall Consulting - Shared Reading: Focus on Interaction Blog Post
Literacy at Willans Hill School - Guided and Shared Reading Page
Guided Reading
- Dynamic Learning Maps Module: Teaching Text Comprehension: Anchor, Read, Apply
- Dynamic Learning Maps Module: Generating Purposes for Reading
- Dynamic Learning Maps Module: DRTA and Other Text Comprehension Instruction
Literacy at Willans Hill School - Guided and Shared Reading Page

Self-Selected Reading 

Letter Knowledge and Sound Awareness 

Early Conventional Word Study (Key Words, Word Wall and Making Words) 

Conventional Word Study (Nifty Thrifty Fifty and Big Words Word Wall) 

Getting Started with Early Writing 

Predictable Chart Writing 

Other Shared Writing Ideas 

Alternate Pencils 

Writing Without Standards 

Planning, Revising and Editing 

iPads for Supporting Literacy Learning

Loading Tar Heel Reader Books into iBooks (Shared Writing and Independent Reading) 

Go Talk Now Plus App (Letter Knowledge, Sound Awareness, and Word Wall) 

Pictello App (Shared Writing, Predictable Chart Writing, and Independent Reading) 

Clicker Connect App (Shared Writing, Predictable Chart Writing) 

Abilipad App (Writing Without Standards)

Cloudart App (Shared Writing) 

Path On - Swipe to Type App (Shared Writing) 

Word Wizard App (Word Work) 
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